'' To succeed in business it is
necessary to make others
see things as you see them.''

Aristotle Onassis

Welcome to my personal Blog,


I am Dimitrios Tsanaktidis and this is my personal webplace. Here, you can be informed about my studies, my hobbies, my interests, my projects and some articles about business.

In addition, I offer you multiple ways to communicate with me at any time..



Currently I am working as a assurance auditor at pwc and I am a ACCA student at professional level. 

I am a  post-graduated student in applied Accounting and Auditing at The Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants of Greece (SOEL) in Thessaloniki. Principal subjects:

International Financial Reporting Standards, Accounting, International Standards in Auditing, Financial statements analysis, Taxation, Costing, Greek Chart of Accounts,Law 2190/20
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I studied Management and Business Administration at University of MacedoniaPrincipal subjects:

Business Administration, Production and Operations Management, Accounting for Partnerships, Financial Accounting, Consumers Behavior, Information Technology
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Current Position

Assurance Associate (Auditor) at PwC

Latest projects

  • Studying at the Institute of Certified Chartered Accountants of Greece (SOEL)
  • Adwords Certification by Google
  • Business plan and IS analysis for medical tourism portal               
  • Data analysis (sparql queries, rapidminer)
  • Tweets analysis (volume, sentiment, correlation)
  • Project about Strategy of Foreign Direct Investments - JOINT VENTURES for lesson Business Strategy
  • Teaching fellow students about the lessons of Costing Accounting (Kefalaio, Altec)
  • Presentation of Taxi Cooperation for SEVE (Greek International Business Association)
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